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Text Formatter
The calculator is designed to reformat lines of text according to user specifications.
List Filter Calculator
The list filter calculator allows users to apply multiple filters to an initial list of strings.
List Join
This online calculator can join two csv lists by key column the same way JOIN works in SQL (inner join, left outer join, right outer join)
Log Summarizer
This online calculator can be used to summarize lines of text, using regular expressions to extract a unique value from each line, such as a date or session ID.
Numbered list maker
This online calculator numbers lines of text
Line Reverser
The reverse line calculator is a simple tool that takes a block of text as input, breaks it into individual lines, and then reverses the order of the lines. This can be useful in a variety of situations where you need to quickly reverse the order of lines in a document or piece of code, such as when working with logs, scripts, or data files.
Regular expression splitter
is a tool that allows you to split a list of strings based on a regular expression pattern.
Generator of an OpenOffice document (odt) based on a template document and data from another document
This generator allows you to load an OpenOffice document with data, a document template, and generate a final document based on the data and the template. For example, a data document may contain a list of event attendees, a template document may contain an invitation card template, and the final document will contain invitation cards for all attendees from the list.
Selecting a specified number of rows from the list randomly
This calculator allows you to pick a selection of strings from a list at random. You can select with or without repeats. The calculator uses a random number generator built into Javascript.
Sorting strings
This online calculator sorts the entered strings in ascending or descending order and optionally removes duplicate strings.
Sort and Remove: A String Sorting and Deduplication Calculator
This calculator takes a list of strings as input and sorts them either in ascending or descending order based on the user's preference. Additionally, the calculator has an option to remove any duplicate strings in the input list before performing the sort.
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