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  • Repeated Word Heatmap

    This calculator can help avoid unwanted word repetition in prose. It counts the number of occurrences of each word in the document, both globally, and within the "sliding window" distance before and after each word. It highlights the words which are used frequently near each other..

  • RGB - HSV and HSV - RGB converter

    This calculator converts RGB color to HSV color and vise versa

  • Roman numerals

    Converter of Roman numbers and decimal numbers

  • Root and power

    This calculator outputs desired root and power of entered number

  • Russian Central Bank Currency Rates

    Russian Central Bank Currency Rates

  • Russian non-working days

    The calculator displays official day offs for the current year and the weekends adjacent to them. The calculator takes into account weekends shifts according to Russian Federation Government Decrees.

  • Russian text typed in English letters

    Restores the Russian phrase, accidentally typed on the English keyboard layout.

  • Saturation vapour pressure

    This online calculator computes saturation vapour pressure for given temperature and atmospheric (barometric) pressure

  • Seasonal fluctuations. Seasonal indices. Constant mean method.

    The study of periodic (seasonal) fluctuations. Calculation of average seasonal index by constant mean method.

  • Seating chart

    This calculator tries to find seating chart combinations taking into account preferences of students.

  • Secant method

    The secant method is a root-finding algorithm that uses a succession of roots of secant lines to better approximate a root of a function f.

  • Second, third and other derivatives

    Evaluates first, second third and other derivatives of a single argument function

  • Select a phone number from the text

    This calculator uses regular expressions to select phone numbers from a large block of text

  • Shadow length

    Gives a vertical object shadow length for given coordinates and time. Also calculates shadow growth during whole day.

  • Shannon Entropy

    This online calculator computes Shannon entropy for a given event probability table and for a given message

  • Shipment weight

    Calculating the weight by the volume of shipment. Created by user's request.

  • Shoe size comparison

    This calculator converts european shoe size to its english and US counterparts.

  • Side length of a right triangle

    Calculates the side length of a right triangle from two other sides using Pythagorean theorem. Created by user's request

  • Side length of a triangle

    This calculator computes side length of a triangle given two sides and angle between them (law of cosines)

  • Side length of the regular polygon

    Calculates the side length of the regular polygon circumscribed or inscribed to a circle. Created by user's request