CaCl2 ppm to chlorides WPS ppm converter

This online calculator converts given CaCl2 ppm concentration into chlorides water phase salinity ppm concentration

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This calculator was created by user's request. Formulation of the problem: We know the concentration of CaCl2 (calcium chloride) in the solution in ppm (parts per million). We need to find chlorides WPS (water phase salinity) in ppm.
The conversion looks quite straightforward, however, I am not a chemist, so I will write my considerations below. In case of somebody points to the error, I will fix the calculator logic.

We have CaCl2 ppm. Most likely it is mass concentration, defined as ratio of mass of solute in milligrams to mass of solution in kilograms.
ppm_{CaCl_2} = \frac{m_{CaCl_2},mg}{m_{CaCl_2+H_2O},kg}

We need to find out chlorides WPS ppm. Similarly, chlorides water phase salinity will be defined as ratio of mass of chlorine ions in milligrams to mass of solution in kilograms.
ppm_{WPS} = \frac{m_{Cl-},mg}{m_{CaCl_2+H_2O},kg}

If we divide first formula to the second, and move CaCl2 ppm to the right, we will get
ppm_{WPS} = \frac{m_{Cl-},mg}{m_{CaCl_2},mg}*ppm_{CaCl_2}

Thus, we only need to find out ratio of chlorine ions mass to calcium chloride mass.
One mole of calcium chloride consists of one mole of calcium and two moles of chlorine. One mole of calcium weights 40.078g, one mole of chlorine weights 35.453g, and one mole of calcium chloride weights 110,98g

Hence, ratio will be

And final convertion formula will be
ppm_{WPS} = \frac{70.906}{110.98}*ppm_{CaCl_2}

The calculator below uses this formula.


CaCl2 ppm to chlorides WPS ppm converter

Water phase salinity ppm
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