Mortgage calculator

Here is a mortgage payment calculator.

Based on the loan data (total amount, term, interest rate, one-time commission, initial contribution percentage), this calculator calculates the loan amount, the initial payment amount, which includes a one-time commission, the monthly payment for the annuity-type payments, or the sum of the first (maximum) and the last (minimum) payments for the differentiated method of interest calculation. The calculator shows the overpaid interest amount on loan and calculates the tax privilege provided to the buyer of an apartment once in a lifetime in the amount of 260 000 rubles plus 13% of the loan interest payments.

PLANETCALC, Mortgage calculator

Mortgage calculator

Loan amount
Initial contribution
Monthly payment (max.)
Monthly payment (min.)
All interest on the loan
Tax privilege
Overpayment considering privilege

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PLANETCALC, Mortgage calculator