Morse-ify and Modify.

The calculator transforms text into Morse code and then replaces dots and dashes with user-specified symbols. This can be a fun way to create unique messages that can be shared with friends and family. Users can choose any symbols they want to replace dots and dashes with, making the messages even more personalized.

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For example, you can replace dots with your ex's initials and dashes with the word "sucks" to create a subtle message of resentment - "hello" becomes ".... . .-.. .-.. ---" becomes "J.B. J.B. J.B. J.B. J.B. J.B. sucks J.B. J.B. J.B. sucks J.B. J.B. sucks sucks sucks" in Morse code. Or you can replace dots with emojis and dashes with exclamation marks to create an overly expressive message.

To summarize, this calculator allows you to have fun and personalize your Morse code messages with custom dot and dash replacements.

PLANETCALC, Morse code. Mutator

Morse code. Mutator


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PLANETCALC, Morse-ify and Modify.