Tax-Adjusted Deal Profitability Calculator

The deal profitability analysis calculator takes in the transaction details of a purchase and sale of a product, including the VAT amount paid on the purchase. Using this information, the calculator determines the income tax and VAT tax paid on the transaction, and calculates the profit amount after taxes are taken into consideration.

To use the calculator, the user inputs the transaction details, including the purchase price and VAT paid, as well as the sale price and VAT charged. The calculator then calculates the taxable income, based on the difference between the purchase and sale prices, and applies the income tax rate to this amount. The VAT tax is also calculated by taking the difference between the VAT paid on the purchase and the VAT charged on the sale.

The calculator then subtracts the income tax and VAT tax amounts from the total profit amount to give the final after-tax profit. This allows users to better understand the true profitability of a deal after taxes are taken into account.

PLANETCALC, Deal profitability

Deal profitability


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PLANETCALC, Tax-Adjusted Deal Profitability Calculator