Rectangle Area Calculator

The calculator is a useful tool for calculating the total area of a set of rectangles.

It allows users to input the dimensions of each rectangle, as well as a label to indicate what type of rectangle it is (e.g. wall, window, door), and whether to add or subtract its area from the total area.

For example, a user could input the dimensions of a window as 1000mm x 1000mm, and specify that its area should be subtracted from the total. They could also input the dimensions of a wall section as 2000mm x 3000mm, and specify that its area should be added to the total. The calculator would then display the total area as the difference between the added and subtracted areas.

PLANETCALC, Total area

Total area


Length, mmWidth, mmQuantityTypeHint
Items per page:

Digits after the decimal point: 2
Added area, square meters
Subtracted area, square meters
Total area, square meters

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PLANETCALC, Rectangle Area Calculator