Polynomial multiplication

This calculator multiplies two univariate polynomials.

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To multiply two polynomials, please enter polynomial coefficients for each polynomial separated by space. A coefficient can be an integer, real or complex number. 0-coefficient means empty polynomial term.

PLANETCALC, Polynomial multiplication

Polynomial multiplication


Polynomial multiplication formula:
(arxr + ... + a0)(bsxs + ... + b0)=pr+sxr+s + ... + p0,
where pk=a0bk + a1bk-1 + ... + ak-1b1 + akb0
Note: ai = 0 when i>r and bj = 0 when j>s 1

  1. Donald E. Knuth The art of computer programming. Third edition. Vol. 2. Seminumerical Algorithms 

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PLANETCALC, Polynomial multiplication