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The calculator converts an Ethiopian date to Gregorian date and vice versa.

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The Ethiopian calendar is the primary calendar in Ethiopia, and it is also used in the Orthodox Tewahido Church in Ethiopia and Eritrea. The Ethiopian calendar is very similar to Coptic calendar. An Ethiopian calendar year consists of 12 months of 30 days and 5 or 6 (in leap year) days of the small month. Like the Coptic and Julian calendars, the leap year occurs every 4 years without exceptions like in the Gregorian calendar. The day one of the Ethiopian calendar is August 29th, 8 C.E. (Julian)1. The calculator below converts an Ethiopian date to a Gregorian one.

PLANETCALC, Ethiopian date to Gregorian date

Ethiopian date to Gregorian date


The following calculator converts a Gregorian date to an Ethiopian date.

PLANETCALC, Gregorian date to Ethiopian date

Gregorian date to Ethiopian date

Month name
Week day name

The Ethiopian calendar summary

Calendar type Solar
Place Ethiopia, Eritrea
Days in a year 365.25
Effective date 1st century CE
End date present
Epoch (Julian) August 29th, 8 CE
Month count 13
Days in a week 7
Days in a year 365, 366
Days in a month 30, 5, 6
Leap year every 4th year is leap
Previous calendar Ancient Egyptian Calendar

Month names

Month # Month name Days
1 Mäskäräm 30
2 Ṭəqəmt 30
3 Ḫədar 30
4 Taḫśaś 30
5 Ṭərr 30
6 Yäkatit 30
7 Mägabit 30
8 Miyazya 30
9 Gənbot 30
10 Säne 30
11 Ḥamle 30
12 Nähase 30
13 Ṗagumen 5 (6)

Week day names1

Day # Day name Gregorian calendar day name
1 Iḫud Sunday
2 Sanyo Monday
3 Maksanyo Tuesday
4 Rob Wednesday
5 Ḫamus Thursday
6 Arb Friday
7 Kidämme Saturday

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