Making up words out of the syllables

Calculator sorts out all combinations of syllables to make words. English homework helper.

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There is a problem of making as many words as you can out of given syllables. You have to have the ordered combination of syllables from a specific list.
This calculator generates every possible placement of the syllables given to him, and your task is to read them out and choose the existing words so that no word will be skipped.

Attention - since all combinations are generated, the generation can take a long time for the huge amount of syllables.

For those who are interested in combinatorics, such generated sequences are called permutations. Syllable generator uses the following permutations generators: Combinatorics. Permutation generator from n to m without repetitions and Combinatorics. Permutation generator from N to M with repetitions.. And here, you can check out the formulas allowing you to estimate the number of combinations Combinatorics – combinations, arrangements and permutations.

PLANETCALC, Making up words out of the syllables

Making up words out of the syllables

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