Random Latin Quote

Random Latin Quote

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My brain, inspired by the latest developments at the intersection of calculator making and literature, namely /544/, came up with an idea of yet another calculator, which does not work with numbers.

You may remember that there were such things - quotes of the day - that gave you a random quote from the set of quotes.
Actually, the same thing can be done here. With the recent advances in handbook editor, namely, an advanced interface of data import from csv file, I immediately set to work.

I found and imported a small bit of Latin quotes.
This resulted in a handbook - Latin idioms (Those who are interested can sign up and add their quotes, by the way)

I've made a calculator that loads quotes from the handbook and shows one of them in random order. Now if you add this calculator, for example, on your personal page on this website, or as a Google gadget on your personal Google page, you'll get the Latin "quote of the day".

PLANETCALC, Random Latin Quote

Random Latin Quote

Number of quotes

If the handbook will be large it could load slower, but it's small yet - just 51 quote.

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PLANETCALC, Random Latin Quote