Scientific Notation Converter

This calculator converts a number to the normalized scientific notation, also known as standard form.

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The scientific notation is represented as x · 10n, where n is an integer and x is a number between 1 and 10. The numbers between 1 and 10 are represented as the product of oneself by 10 to the power of 0. A negative exponent represents numbers that are less than 1, but greater than 0. Note that the number zero cannot be represented in standard form.

This notation allows large or small numbers to be expressed in a compact and standardized format, making it easier to work with them, as it simplifies the process of multiplication, division, and addition.

For example, if we have the number 3450, the calculator will divide it by 1000 to get 3.45. The power of 10 used in the division is 1000, which gives us n=3. So the standard form of 3450 is 3.45 x 10^3.

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Scientific notation

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PLANETCALC, Scientific Notation Converter