Text file decoder

Using this calculator you can decode and read a text file in some encoding.

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Before Unicode gained popularity, various character encodings were used to represent texts in national languages (especially for languages that do not use Latin).
This calculator can be useful to read a text file in an obsolete encoding.
To see the contents of an old text file, load it into the calculator and select the encoding. As a result, readable text or a set of meaningless characters will be displayed if the encoding is not selected correctly.

PLANETCALC, Text file viewer

Text file viewer

Text file
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If you can't choose the correct encoding, you can use the following calculator to determine it semi-automatically. The calculator will try to display the text using all available encodings. As a result, one of the table lines will contain a correctly displayed initial text fragment; there will be an encoding name to the left of it.

PLANETCALC, Finding a text file encoding

Finding a text file encoding

Text file
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To generate files in old encodings, you can use this calculator: Text file encoding

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PLANETCALC, Text file decoder