Race Heat Table

This is generator of heat grids for kart racing. The goal is to let each racer to try each starting position/kart in random order.

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Suppose you are taking part in kart racing. There are several karts/starting positions, f.e. 8, and number of racers, f.e. 30.
Each racer should eventually try out each kart/starting position. The question is to make it in random order, so none would wait too long for his next heat and compete with different racers each time.

The generator below creates race heat tables. First table shows racers for each heat, in order of karts. Second table shows each racer's schedule - heats where racer participates and kart which racer drives during this heat.

PLANETCALC, Race Heat Table

Race Heat Table

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Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License 3.0 (Unported) PLANETCALC, Race Heat Table