Ingredients. Proportional quantities

This online calculator recalculates quantities of ingredients for given proportions if quantity of one ingredient has changed

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Take, for example, any recipe. To produce a meal, you have to take ingredients in strict proportions, like, 500 grams of flour, 100 grams of sugar, etc. But what if, for example, you have only 400 grams of flour or want to use all the remaining 700 grams? In this case, you have to scale quantities of all other ingredients proportionally.

So, formally, I can describe this problem like this: we have quantities of ingredients for some mixture or recipe, and we have to recalculate these quantities if the quantity of one component has changed.

To recalculate these quantities, you can use the calculator below. You enter standard quantities of ingredients in the table; then, you enter how one of the ingredients has changed. The results table contains recalculated quantities for all ingredients.

PLANETCALC, Ingredients. Proportional quantities

Ingredients. Proportional quantities


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