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The reverse line calculator is a simple tool that takes a block of text as input, breaks it into individual lines, and then reverses the order of the lines. This can be useful in a variety of situations where you need to quickly reverse the order of lines in a document or piece of code, such as when working with logs, scripts, or data files.

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The process is straightforward - the calculator simply takes the input text and splits it into lines, then reverses the order of the lines before outputting the reversed text. This can be done manually, but using the calculator can save time and effort, especially when working with large or complex files.

The output of the calculator is the reversed text, with each line in the original input text now appearing in reverse order. The reversed text can then be copied and pasted into another document or file, or saved as a new file altogether.

PLANETCALC, List reverser

List reverser


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PLANETCALC, Line Reverser