Commission calculator

This online calculator finds the commission from the sale price and the commission rate, the sale price from the commission and the commission rate, and the commission rate from the sale price and the commission

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This online calculator illustrates the concept of commission as "a payment to someone who sells goods that is directly related to the amount sold" (according to Cambridge Dictionary). A commission is related to the sale price via the commission rate, usually expressed as a percentage. You can find all formulas below the calculator.

PLANETCALC, Commission calculator

Commission calculator

Sale Price
Commission Rate, percents
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How to calculate Commission

Commission=Sale Price * Commission Rate

Using this relation, we can also find sale price if we know commission and commission rate:

Sale Price = \frac{Commission}{Commission Rate}

and commission rate if we know sale price and commission

Commission Rate = \frac{Commission}{Sale Price}

Of course, if you use percents, you should divide the rate in percents by 100 if you use it in calculations, or multiply it by 100 if you want to get percents back as a result.

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PLANETCALC, Commission calculator