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  • Polygon area

    Online calculator which calculates area of a polygon given lengths of polygon sides and diagonals which split polygon to nonoverlapping triangles

  • Polynomial division

    This calculator divides one polynomial by another polynomial.

  • Polynomial Greatest Common Divisor

    The calculator gives the greatest common divisor (GCD) of two input polynomials.

  • Polynomial multiplication

    This calculator multiplies two univariate polynomials.

  • Polynomial root isolation

    The calculators isolates real roots of the input univariate polynomial using Sturm and VAS-CF methods.

  • Polynomial roots

    The calculator solves polynomial roots of any degree. For small degree polynomials analytic methods are applied, for 5-degree or higher the polynomial roots are estimated by numerical method.

Polynomial Taylor Shift

The calculator evaluates Taylor shift of the given polynomial using Shaw and Traub algorithm.

PLANETCALC, Polynomial shift

Polynomial shift

Polynomial coefficients, space separated.

Pressure over a surface

This online calculator computes pressure, cause by given mass over given surface in gravity field. Result is displayed using different units of pressure

PLANETCALC, Pressure for given weight and surface area

Pressure for given weight and surface area

Digits after the decimal point: 2