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  • Incircle of a triangle

    This online calculator determines the radius and area of the incircle of a triangle given the three sides

  • Index of Coincidence

    This online calculator calculates index of coincidence (IC, IOC) for the given text

  • Indicators of variations

    Calculation of variation - the coefficient of variation, dispersion, mean square deviation, etc.

  • Inflation in Russia

    Calculator of Russian inflation since 1991 to the present time. Based on the data of the Federal State Statistics Service of the Russian Federation. The data updated weekly.

  • Ingredients. Proportional quantities

    This online calculator recalculates quantities of ingredients for given proportions if quantity of one ingredient has changed

  • Integer factorization. Trial division

    Integer factorization using trial division algorithm.

  • Interest on the deposit and inflation
  • Intersection of two circles

    This online calculator finds the intersection points of two circles given the center point and radius of each circle. It also plots them on the graph.

  • Inverse Hyperbolic Functions

    Calculation of inverse hyperbolic functions of given argument

  • Inverse of a matrix

    Calculating inverse matrices via adjugate matrix

  • Inverse trigonometric functions

    This calculator determines values of inverse trigonometric functions (arcsine, arccosine, arctangent, arccotangent, arcsecant, arccosecant) and outputs it with different measurement units (degrees, radians, minutes, etc)

  • Involute of an angle

    Involute of an angle calculator and finding an angle by the given involute.

  • Is a point in a tringle?

    The calculator determines if an arbitrary point lies inside 2D triangle. The triangle is defined by 3 cartesian coordinate pairs.

  • Isogram checker

    This online calculator can check if a word/phrase is an isogram.

  • Issue number generator

    Issue Number Generator for unnumbered magazines & comics & newspapers. If magazine did not print issue numbers, only dates, it can number them all, f.e. all Sundays starting with specified date up to specified date

  • Jaccard / Tanimoto Coefficient

    This online calculator measures the similarity of two sample sets using Jaccard / Tanimoto coefficient

  • Julian and Gregorian calendars

    Julian and Gregorian calendars date conversion

  • Julian Day

    Calculation of Julian day for given date plus some information about it

  • Keyboard layout and password

    Converts the word, typed in Russian letters into a set of symbols corresponding to these letters in English keyboard layout which is often used to create a Russian-speaking user passwords.

  • Kinematic Equations for Uniform Acceleration

    This calculator will help you to solve uniform acceleration problems using kinematic equations